One of our active projects at the moment is a Tennis Pavilion. As an avid tennis player myself, I am particularly invested in this design project! I’ve always adored the fuzzy smelling of a tennis ball and given that the sport is quite social, I have developed a deep connection to my time on the courts over the years. And who doesn’t love the outfits?!

The Pavilion will function as a gathering space for grabbing a drink, taking an ice bath or sauna — and even giving the gents a little golf instruction. It’s kind of an athlete’s she-shed/shred-shed with the overarching goal of supporting one’s love for tennis. 

With respect to the design inspiration, we are modeling after the Petit Trianon, one of my favorite buildings. It’s human scaled and favors simplicity in tones and color. This structure will mirror many of the elements present in the Petit Trianon, overdoor treatments, limestone, naturalistic paint, light blue-green doors and beautiful European parquet floors. Hopefully they squeak! My favorite part is the conservatory ceiling in the gathering room because it will flood light into the space — even in Utah’s dead of winter — and thus, making the space a suitable orangerie for bringing in citrus trees. 

The furnishings will incorporate a subtle nod to Billy Baldwin’s Villa Fiorentina. It’s so great to gather around a fireplace … but I love how he placed multiple seating arrangements facing transomed windows looking onto the view. I will borrow this concept as some of the seating arrangement will actually face the tennis court terrace and tall, transomed french doors. 

When planning for a sports pavilion in a residential setting there are key elements to consider such as refrigeration (ice!), heat, and storage space for all the accoutrements that go on a court. In terms of flow and floorplanning: I think more armless seating, fewer tables and consoles and more circular flow. But always a place to put down a drink or pick up a book. And as always, fabrics that hide the spills or can handle the spills.  

I can’t wait to share more soon. Here’s to celebrating sports of all kinds!


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