This month I’m reflecting on summer whites—white embroidered dresses, clean white silhouettes, white linens for the outdoor table, white wicker indoors—these are all elements I adore and look forward to embracing when summertime is in full swing. With summer whites on my mind, naturally, I thought of a recent reformer studio we created for a client. The space is indeed swathed in white, the calming agent for all things in my work, regardless of season. I love starting with white and all of its tones—and in a workout studio, this is especially fun because it's unexpected. I used Pointing to cover the walls as I adore its creamy and warm undertones, then hanging long curtains in a similar hue to play up the height of the walls—the beautiful art and equipment look sharp contrasted with this color which creates an unspoken energy for the space. Of course, to help make this room and it's palette truly cohesive, we customized the weight equipment by applying a white powder coat. Thoughtfully organized details are delicately placed throughout, to include D. Porthault towels and water bottles on the ready, gracing rattan baskets. For our client, this space is truly her sanctuary, where she can come and honor her pilates practice, and cleanse her mind. It is not a “gym” with bulky black weights and a compilation of other elements. It is truly a well-considered space I am proud to share. In the spirit of sharing, below you will find a few white elements that aid in creating a similar palette in your workout studio.


A beautiful weave and practical place for your workout towels—these bleached hampers are a go-to.


The perfect gift for an avid tennis pro, or to adorn your studio!


We all need a proper perch during and after our workouts. This is a beautiful piece that can be customized in your own fabrics.


White…with a touch of floral whimsy! We all need a little D.Porthault in our life…


A quality pilates reformer and sleek in its modern white color with maple accents.


This white exercise ball will practically look like a sculpture in your studio!

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