A recent ranch project we completed had me yearning for that summertime splendor in the purest of forms. This Utah project is in a Greenbelt Valley in Peoa, between two mountain ranges. The backyard faces the river — a superb fly fishing river where cows will frequently break loose and come down to drink. It is a setting some only dream of and the perfect place to connect with the outdoors while sharing precious time with family and dear friends. S’mores! Fishing! Tennis! Gardening! There is much to be enjoyed and celebrated in the mountains. Outdoor entertaining is part of the lure of ranch life just as much as the sporting — my clients are true outdoorsmen who relish in it all, from morning to evening. They ranch cattle and sheep, fly fish, ride horses, play tennis, and more. At the end of their day, the family often gathers for meals outside with delicious food and a table that is delightful with simple yet enchanting elements. Additionally, the firepit provides the perfect perch for relaxing in the cool mountain air with plenty of s’mores to go around and wool blankets to keep bodies cozy. To entertain effortlessly in this landscape, this often translates to mismatched dishes, tossed salads, easy grilled meat and fat pillar candles that can burn all summer long. With summers that are hot and dry, it’s critical to offer lots of drink options. too. Tables are kept simple with printed linens that evoke the right amount of alpine, such as checks and blocks. They are sweet, chic and enduring. When tablecloths aren’t in the mix, a linen or cotton napkin can be the perfect element, nothing that needs to be sent out or ironed. While I love having a place for everything as a designer, there is something so charming about this type of lifestyle, where seeing the things we live with and use daily can help bring alive the spirit of the home. I love having a pretty basket at the back door with tennis racquets, a market basket on a hook to catch all of the hats and accoutrements for fly fishing, and so on. So here’s to the beauty of summer and savoring the purest moments of it all, indoors and out!


I love to use antique breadboards for all kinds of displays — but especially building charcuterie, cheese and treats.


In the fall or winter you especially need these! Splatterware forever!



Love these! And I don’t sweat when a child loses one in the trees afterwards! Easy to clean and reuse — but so much more cost effective and they look good too in a glass cylinder on the counter or on a tray.


Checks and block prints feel just the right amount of alpine to me for the mountains — sweet, chic, and lasting. I adore these linen napkins!

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