It's pool season! My family and I spend a great deal of time outside together by our own pool and having just installed this happy poolside pavilion for a client, I thought I'd muse on the project as well as share some go-to items I use poolside. The interior space of the pool house is so rectilinear — it’s a big rectangle facing the pool — with windows on both sides and horizontal butt joint white washed boards. Given these elements, we chose the opposite style of fabric motifs to soften the overall atmosphere. Since the structure faces the pool, every piece in this space had to age or handle chlorine well. Little kids and big kids run in and out of the space continually… so we used outdoor materials and treated fabrics. Sister Parish seems to always conjure sentiments of summer so we used this smaller scale print (great for hiding spills!) on the teak trellis chairs. The sofa is clad in a hand-printed Sunbrella Fabric by Quadrille in a custom sky blue color, which was tricky to get right but in the end, it has the right shade, giving a little "aged" look. From a functional standpoint, there are certainly considerations to be made. In this particular pool house, the family wanted a spot for napping (true lounging is necessary!), hence the daybed and armless sofa. However, I believe every pool house should also consider a place for changing, open ceilings for air circulation, and a proper sink and refrigeration. Baskets to store loads of towels and preferably, furniture pieces that do not have glass or mirrored surfaces. And, no matter how many times you yell "don't run" around a pool, kids do, so rounded corners are mandatory! I hope this finds you welcoming some form of summer at home. Now you know where to find me when not in the design studio — while enjoying a Dirty Diet Coke (Lime, Coconut Syrup and Extra Ice!) along with some mashup of Tom Petty and Kanye West. And LOTS of poolside sporting with the kids!

A perfect pool day requires a generous pile of my favorite towels. Oversized and incredibly soft, they are a crowd pleaser!

Volleyballs are always flying around as well as a game of pool lax. These pool lacrosse “fiddle sticks” have been the party generator for years…


 Sun protection is always top of mind, and believe me, I've experimented with a great deal of sun hats and sunscreen. Sarah Bray's hats do the trick and are incredibly beautiful.

Light hearted art is a pool house must. I even adore using children’s art framed in all white frames and mats.

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