Every day brings new changes and growth. It’s a metaphor for life — and you can watch life change and grow constantly. Perhaps that's why gardens are so meaningful. I learned years ago from my Mother-in-Law not to worry about putting a plant in the wrong spot — if it’s not doing well, just move it! In the West, things grow that have proper irrigation. That’s how simple it is. Fertilizers like triple phosphates and proper composting are important — but plants will grow and grow faster if they are properly watered. I’ve tried so many plants that I was told “could not grow” in certain areas of my garden (or in Utah), and I’ve started to believe that it’s always worth a shot. I adore spending time in my garden planting, weeding, harvesting, and always… smelling the roses. I walk through in the evenings during the summer when it has cooled off and I can get a sense of how my irrigation is holding up or if a rose needs to be pruned more properly. Deadheading is my favorite meditation in the summer! And deadheading is the best activity because it guarantees more blooms and longer blooming time. To this day, one of my favorite memories is attending the Chelsea Flower Show. I discovered a plethora of beautiful blooms of course, but also an assortment of charming garden objects. English gardens are truly some of the most magnificent gardens! Enjoy a few of my favorite garden selections below that bring me joy and are a subtle nod to my time in London marveling over all things green.

I adore a beautiful ceramic vase or pitcher for freshly picked garden blooms. It doesn't get much better than a Frances Palmer piece!


These support systems are so pretty, age well, and last. They stack up nicely in the off season and can handle the weight of real climbers — clematis and climbing roses during the year. I first saw them at RHS Garden Wisley.


Spongeware is always in style. I love bringing these out to the garden to pluck fresh cherry tomatoes and fixings for salads.

Love these garden lanterns… saw these at Maison et Object 2020. They are a classic addition to any garden property.

These planters add so much structure to my garden — and any garden really. They can weather outdoors year around (even in Utah!) and they can also be utilized as fountains.

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