With the festive season upon us, I look forward to some of my favorite traditions — watching my children’s Holiday concerts, giving back to our community and those in need, spending time with my family and friends — there are many joyful moments that truly make the season. This year, I am particularly excited to share a special collection of holiday trimmings as part of our limited edition Holiday Collection. The bespoke offerings include fabric heart ornaments, stockings and tree skits, all carefully fashioned by hand with charming details, in designer fabrics I covet.

I especially love creating a beautiful and comfortable Christmas environment at home. I think setting a simple stage with decorations that don’t have to be redone every year is so important — it takes a tiny bit of consumerism out of the holidays to keep the same items year after year (it just requires some storage!).

I use classic basics for my tree each year to balance all the sparkle and glass ornaments that we collect. I give our children an ornament each year that represents something funny or important about their year… so I pull all the disparate elements together with ribbon, hearts and balls. I think fabric hearts are a perfect counterpoint to glass finish in a tree — they add dimension and a solid background to the special ornaments we love so much. I am sentimental about these hearts, made by women from Afghanistan who are making better lives for themselves here in the United States.

I love the idea of not having to “rethink” or “buy” Christmas decor every year. I consider decorations to be part of that simple backdrop every year that brings a smile and conjures a happy memory. Holiday decorations can be that special, sentimental thing that can remain unchangeable and classic. Tradition is a good thing — for all ages — and the Christmas tree decorations can be the backbone of your holiday decor… consistently collected versus a yearly expenditure and extravagance.

I invite you to explore the collection and do hope that these pieces bring joy and inspiration to you as we look forward to a very sacred time.



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