I can’t think of many better feelings than falling asleep in a luxurious crisp bed at the end of a long day. With summer in our grasp, the vision of a perfectly constructed bed seems an a proposal interior focus. I love spending my summer days outside as much as my schedule will allow, and at the end of the day, a comfortable, pretty bed awaiting is just the best way to close out the day. One of my favorite parts of every project is creating a restorative, transformative and beautiful bed for my clients. First, the ideal bed is properly layered. Those layers are super personal, but I love a good quilt or coverlet with some sort of embroidery detail. The embroidery, by hand or machine, can come in the form of a beautiful monogram or an edge design. Many of my beds tend to have Euros propped up against the headboard for practical purposes as the headboards can often get dirty over time. With this in mind, in some cases, I’ll even use performance fabric on the headboard. The right kind of hand to the sheeting one desires is key. A really good sateen that almost looks satin can be the ultimate in luxury, and when the edges of sheeting are done in an appliqué, that’s a magical moment. Some of the most memorable beds I’ve slept in are in hotels, where I learned the importance of white sheeting. There is nothing more sleep inducing than an all white bed! The Four Seasons — throughout the world! — and the Peninsula in New York City execute a wonderfully made bed. Though I do gravitate towards an all white bed, it shouldn’t be too serious. I love using printed bedding for children’s beds and integrating patterned pillows in a non matching or “slightly off” fabric. I learned this from studying Mario Buatta’s work. Below, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite bedding pieces and sources to help construct the bed of your dreams.


Biscuit Home is a great go-to with many charming and whimsical printed linens I enjoy incorporating into my bed schemes, especially for littles and super fun spaces.




Leontine's handcrafted linens are the ultimate spoils! The New Orleans based company produces some of the finest linens with the chicest monograms.




Matouk produces some lovely linens, in addition to great throws and blankets. The baby alpaca makes this throw a soft addition to the foot of a bed, and can easily be transported to a chaise nearby.



Who doesn't love a whimsical scallop? Julia B is “Queen B” when it comes to the intersection of fine and fun!

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